Pure & Safe Ingredients
Made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the body - inside and out.
Skin Softening

The perfect balance of avocado and safflower oils leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
Magical Scents
Blended essential oils add joy to bath time with the calming properties of Natural Fragrance oils.
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Fizzy Magic was inspired by a MIRACLE Child.

The child asked a store clerk a question that sparked his mom’s curiosity to research and create a product that promotes magical moments between parent and child.

Fizzy Magic is grounded in 5 key pillars clean, fun, learn, collect and do good.

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Purposeful Bliss has created the ultimate bath bomb with surprise toys inside, the Fizzy Magic Bath Fizzy. Our bath fizzies awaken all of the senses for fun in the tub. Our bubbling bath bombs will captivate your child with the swirls of color. Made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the body – inside and out, when released in water, our bath bombs smell amazing and create a strong fizz that dissolves to reveal the bath bomb toy inside.
Fizzy Magic is reinventing bath time by creating a FIZZ, FUN, and LEARN experience for kids. Each Fizzy Magic Bath Fizzy comes with a collectible surprise inside. The fizzy also comes with a clue about the hidden surprise so your child can have fun guessing the mystery of what is inside while the fizzy dissolves in their bathwater. We sneak in a little education too by including a fun fact about their toy surprise. Then, the learning continues with a free story where the bath bomb surprise comes to life as the main character of the bedtime story.
Fizzy Magic is more than a bath bomb; it is the first educational bath fizzy that promotes learning in the tub.  We create magical moments between the parent and child at bath time. Fizzy Magic Bath Fizzies have a strong fizz, a gentle bath watercolor that was formulated to not leave color residue on your child’s skin or tub and has larger than expected surprises inside. Purposeful Bliss prioritizes safety and recognizes that exposure to synthetic scents and ingredients can be harmful to both children and adults. Our bath fizzies are hand made with premium ingredients that are eco friendly and are made in the USA. We carefully developed Fizzy Magic Bath Fizzies to keep bath time worry-free for children and their parents! We use only clean, safe, and soothing ingredients that make bath time magical and help facilitate an easy bath-to-bed transition. Unfortunately, while many children’s bath soaps and fizzes are sold in fun, attractive packaging and create colorfully, scented, and sparkly swirls in the bathwater, they often contain sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, parabens, and fragrance additives – harsh ingredients that children can react adversely to.
These bath bombs companies incorporate petroleum to develop their fragrances.  We recognize that many of these synthetic scents disrupt the endocrine system and can upset the body’s hormonal balance. Instead, we scent all of our products with essential oils with the calming properties of Ylang Ylang, which is known for promoting relaxation, and reducing stress and anxiety.   Our essential oils not only create pleasing scents but also soothe your child’s skin and creates relaxation and a good night’s sleep.  Our bath bombs come in creative packaging with a variety of learning themes and fun surprises.  At Purposeful Bliss, you can buy bath bombs that you can trust.
Our bath bomb fizzies are always:
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Synthetic fragrance-free
  • Vegan
We believe that bath time and bedtime are important parts of the daily routine you share with your child. Fizzy Magic bath fizzies create fun, spark imagination, and promote learning in a way that takes bath time from ordinary to magical. We also know that bedtime can sometimes be challenging and we help facilitate the transition with soothing essential oils and a special bedtime story that promotes positive messages.
Giving back is an Important Part of the Fizzy Magic Story and Brand!
Purposeful Bliss is dedicated to helping parents by providing FREE downloadable educational activities through our Freebie section on our website.  Your kids can enjoy crafts, quizzes and stories and continue the fun and learning outside the tub.
When you purchase Fizzy Magic, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Graham’s Foundation, a foundation dedicated to a world where no parent goes through the preemie journey alone.

Be Clean – free of harsh chemicals, made from pure and safe ingredients.

Have Fun – Promotes fun in the tub with fizz, color and a surprise.

Learn More – Provides an opportunity to learn.

Collect Some – Activates children’s interest to collect cool stuff.

Do Good – Teaches children to do good by donating to a charity.

Your Success Is Our Success!
At Purposeful Bliss, we are successful when bath and bedtime at your house are successful. Are you ready to say goodbye to end-of-the-day battles? We believe your child will actually beg to take a Fizzy Magic bath and that you will both welcome Fizzy Magic tub time as a perfect ending to your busy day.
If you are interested in our Fizzy Magic bath fizzies and would like to learn more about our Tub Club membership you can get more information here Fizzy Magic.

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