Bath Bomb With Surprise Inside, Great Gift For 8-Year-Old

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Savvy shoppers, especially parents, quickly learn a lesson that a gift in hand is better than searching a big box retailer for that ‘special’ present for a child’s birthday party you forgot about.

Instead, parents with foresight stock up on unique gifts en masse when the right deal is found. This not only allows having a gift ready when needed, but it also allows keeping an eye open for a unique gift.

FizzyMagic Bath Bombs for kids fit the bill to date, providing a great gift for a child that ends with a surprise inside.

Natural Bath Bombs Safe For 8-Year-Olds

These bath bombs for kids are made with only safe, natural ingredients, including natural oils to keep the bather’s skin soft even as colors are released as the fizzy bomb dissolves in the tub.

The best part, though, may be that a small plastic toy is revealed once the bath bomb is fully dissolved. The figurine plays a role in a story that can be read online while the child enjoys their bath.

The figurines form a collection around a theme, such as barn animals, marine life or woodland creatures. This creates a collection and allows the savvy parent to not only have a gift in hand, but also a collection of multiple bath bombs if the party calls for a larger present.

Great Choice For Party Favor Bag For 8-Year-Old

Another tradition savvy parents might want is to put an all natural spin on birthday party favor bags, particularly for 8-year-olds. After likely providing plenty of treats and sugar, sending home more in a gift bag may not feel right.

Instead, consider an individual, or small group, of FizzyMagic bath bombs in the party favor gift bag after a 8-year-old’s birthday party. Made with natural ingredients, partygoers may be surprised discovering the toy inside.

Buy Safe Kids Bath Bombs Online

The best part for savvy parents is buying online, and our bath bombs with a surprise inside can certainly be bought online. Vary the order size, buy entire collections, or buy individual bath bombs.

Mix and match!

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