Best Birthday Present For 8-Year-Old

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While it may seem straightforward to find the right birthday present for a 8-year-old, it isn’t always easy, right? Gift cards are great, but what if you want to provide a more personal present?

FizzyMagic bath bombs are made with natural ingredients gentle on the skin of a 8-year-old while offering the joy of a toy surprise after dissolving. A useful, fun gift with a surprise at the end of the bath.

Bath Time Birthday Present For 8-Year-Old

Providing a fun experience during a bath makes for a great birthday present for a child and their parent.

Our bath bombs are safe for children and fill a tub with FizzyMagic colors and scents, and when fully dissolved a surprise appears that provides both in-bath fun and continues outside the tub with a story.

Bath Bomb With Surprise Inside For Child’s Birthday

Even before the bath bomb is put into the tub for the first time after the birthday party, the child and parent try to guess what is inside the bath bomb given a clue on the outside.

The surprise is revealed as the children’s bath bomb dissolves and once discovered is a character in a story read with the child using a tablet or mobile phone.

Give A Bedtime Story Birthday Present For 8-Year-Old

FizzyMagic writers and illustrators craft a story for 8-year-olds that promote good behaviors, build collaborative relationships and discover positive aspects of our differences.

All our stories incorporate original writing and illustrations by people passionate about developing healthy, happy children.

FizzyMagic bath bombs are sold individually or can be delivered monthly with exclusive collections and bonus products and content. You can buy the best bath bombs for kids online today!

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