Educational Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentines Day Bath Bombs and Fizzies

The excitement is in the air; Valentine’s Day is almost here.  It is the time of year when we remind our loved ones, friends, and kids how special they are.  We exchange small gifts as a token of our love and friendship. Kids are the most excited about Valentine’s Day gifts.  With the anticipation of celebrations and the exchange of Valentines with their friends.  Lately, Valentine’s Day gift-giving and celebrations can be difficult because of all the restrictions.  Many schools are restricting the passing out of candy due to food allergies or the need to reduce candy in schools.  Parents have the dilemma of finding a nonfood treat with a coordinating Valentine card that can be handed out to everyone. We like to make Valentine’s Day gift educational to help cover all these bases and make parents, teachers, and kids excited and happy for Valentine’s Day.

What Gifts Can We Hand Out for Valentine’s Day for Kids?

How about a treat, a craft, and a fun learning experience all in one gift?  Fizzy Magic combines all 3 into one with their Fizzy Magic Learning Boxes.  Each box comes with a set of bath fizzies in a variety of colors and scents.  Kids get a special treat with Fizzy Magic Fizzies because each one has a surprise toy inside.  The learning starts right away in the tub with an interactive experience that awakens the senses with the colorful fizzing and fragrant scents that soften skin with avocado & Safflower oil and essential oils.  Parents and children can have fun guessing what surprise will be revealed before the magic fizzing melts away.  The learning continues outside the tub with a fun craft or activity that is included in each box.  Some of the toys inside the fizzies coordinate with a digital story or downloadable activity located in the Fizzy Magic Freebie section of their website.  It is the perfect way to send your little ones off to sleep.

Fizzy Magic Learning Boxes come in a variety of themes.  Whether your child loves unicorns, dinosaurs trains, sea, safari, and farm animals; We have an educational learning box that will turn bath time into a fun and magical time together.  Fizzy Magic Bath Fizzies are handmade with premium ingredients that are eco-friendly and are made in the USA so parents can feel safe about the gift they are giving.

 Fizzy Magic Makes Valentine’s Day Educational Gift Giving Easy.

No need to go to the store for Valentine’s cards or gifts for your kids and their friends.  Fizzy Magic wanted to take the work out of the gift-giving for you.  They have created two Limited Edition Boxes just for Valentine’s Day that come in Purple/Pink or Purple/Blue that will surprise the special little Valentine in your life.

The Purple and Pink Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Box will be loved by any child.  Included in the box are 5 bath fizzies with a surprise toy inside of either a squishy heart, Rose, or Bear.  The unique scents of Pomegranate, Coconut, Blackberry & Blueberry will make your child want to take a bath.

The Purple and Blue Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Box is sure to surprise your little ones with 5 fizzies that have a hidden toy of either a squishy heart, bear, or dog inside.  The scents of Tropical Rain, Pineapple, and Blackberry & Blackberry are what makes this box so special.

Each box contains brightly colored Valentines for your child to hand out that coordinate with the surprises in the fizzies.  Kids love to hand out their artwork, so the box also contains a sheet of Valentine’s for your child to color and hand out.   A bonus toy of a Bear Puffer makes this package complete and ready to make your Valentine smile.

Whether you are looking for Valentines for your child to hand out to their friends or searching for the perfect gift for your little Valentine, Fizzy Magic is here to help with a unique gift that doesn’t have to end once Valentine’s Day is over.  Give the gift of Fizz, Fun, and Learning.



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