How fizzy is Fizzy Magic?
Unlike most bath fizzies, Fizzy Magic is formulated using natural ingredients and does not contain the harmful sulfates that create the bubbling factor. This means that Fizzy Magic is safe and gentle on the body - inside and out. Our naturally occurring fizz times last between 1 to 2 minutes at a bath water temperature of 85°F to 100 F but can vary depending on the surprise inside.

How big is a Fizzy Magic bath fizzy?
Fizzy Magic is made in small batches so individual sizes can vary, but they average 5.5 ounces.

Does Fizzy Magic cause bladder infections?
No. Unlike many other bath fizzies, Fizzy Magic is not made with SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE (SLS) and SULFOACETATE (SLSA) - two ingredients known to cause bladder infections and irritation.

Are there artificial sulfates in Fizzy Magic?
No, Fizzy Magic does not contain artificial sulfates.

What creates the unique Fizzy Magic scents?
Our scent formulations are created using carefully blended essential oils.

Do you use formaldehyde in Fizzy Magic?
No, Fizzy Magic does not contain formaldehyde.

Is Fizzy Magic vegan?
Yes. Fizzy Magic does not include any animal-derived ingredients.

Are there additives or preservatives in Fizzy Magic?
No, there are no additives or preservatives in Fizzy Magic.

Is Fizzy Magic gluten free?
Yes! Fizzy Magic is safe for users with gluten sensitivities.

Is Fizzy Magic cruelty free?
Yes! Fizzy Magic has never been tested on animals. In fact, we were so confident in the gentleness of its formula and purity of its ingredients, we tested it on ourselves and our own families.