Finding That Right Gift For A Child

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It may seem there are a wide range of good gifts for a child until you start looking. What will the child enjoy? Are you buying only for the child or are you also buying, in part, for their parent?

You don’t want a gift that the parents may not appreciate or find appropriate, nor do you want to buy a gift the child won’t appreciate.

One solution is to find a gift both can appreciate by enjoying it together. Consider a safe bath bomb for kids that, after dissolving, provides a small toy character that plays a part in a story read by their parent during or after their bath.

FizzyMagic Bath Bombs Make Great Gifts For Kids

Whether a large gift or small is called for, FizzyMagic has the option. We sell bath bombs online as singles, in a small group, or a full box complete with the suite of characters.

You can buy them online and have them delivered, making them both a great birthday party gift for a child or, if your child is having a party, a great kids party favor for a gift bag.

Safe, Natural Bath Bombs With Surprise Toy

Another important element is that your gift is made with onlypure, safe bath bomb ingredients from the natural oils that protect the skin to the essential oils that provide the scent.

Our product, in fact, grew out of the need for such a bath bomb. You can learn our story.

Buy Single Bath Bombs Online Or Get A Box

Because our store allows buying kids bath bombs online either as a single bath bomb or as part of a larger collection.

They are appropriate for a holiday gift or for a milestone event in a child’s life.

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