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As parents, we love doting on our kids on their birthdays, at Christmas and on other random occasions throughout the year. Toys, toys and more toys. But what about the free, intangible gifts we can give our children every day? What about the gifts of discovery, creativity and play? Perhaps these gifts have a more significant impact on our children socially, emotionally and intellectually than what the latest toy can offer.

A recent study published in the Journal for Pediatric Research pinpoints one trait as the single biggest indicator of a child’s success in school – curiosity. When looking at reading and math scores among 6200 children, the children whose parents rated their child as ‘curious’ performed better, regardless of socioeconomic status. In fact, the more curious the child, the better their reading and math scores.

How then can you stimulate your child’s sense of curiosity about the world around them? Simple: encourage play.

Play stimulates curiosity and it allows kids to relax, unwind, grow their imagination, express themselves and fine tune their motor skills. Play is central to every child’s social, emotional and intellectual development.

Sarah Owen, founder of Pyjama Drama – drama, music, movement and play for preschoolers – makes this observation about play:

 “Many children seem to be born with a natural ability to play, but some children find it more difficult and need to learn how to play well and this is where parents can make a big difference. Whilst it is very important that children play with their peers and are given opportunities for unstructured play, children who also play with a loved adult can benefit greatly – the benefits of having fun together cannot be underestimated!”

At Purposeful Bliss, we think the most important gifts you will ever give your child are found in a safe and loving environment where quality time is cherished and play, discovery and creativity are fostered. That’s why we developed the Fizzy Magic Bath Fizzies. Fizzy Magic transforms bath time into a delightful playtime experience for both parent and child, full of magical scents, swirls of color, a special toy (with a clue and fact to pique their curiosity) and a bedtime story to wrap up your day together.

Give your child the gift of play and watch your child thrive.

Kids are not “empty vessels to be filled with knowledge.’ Instead they’re ‘active builders of knowledge – little scientists who construct their own theories of the world.” – Jean Piaget, Early Childhood Pioneer

  • Fizzy Magic Box Collection – Farm

    $34.99 Add to cart

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