The Inspiration

Like countless families, our founder Mary struggled with infertility for years. But after all the disappointments, a life-changing experience occurred in 2012, when her son, Lane, was born — though 15 weeks premature, Lane spent 109 long days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This courageous little boy beat all the odds and was eventually brought home with a healthy start on life.

Years later, while buying gifts for his teachers Lane would ask a store clerk if her bath fizzies had toys in them. When she replied no, he asked: 

“Why not?”
The Insights

Lane’s question “Why Not?” piqued his mother’s curiosity.

Seeking to learn more, she purchased and tested numerous bath fizzies and conducted intensive research to understand parents' needs and the bathing habits for kids ages 4 to 9.

What mom learned:

  • Parents want clean and safe ingredients.
    What if a bath fizzy was free of irritants and scents were pleasing to both parent and child?”  

  • Parents and children spend on average ten minutes or more together at bath time.
    What if you could make those moments Magical?”  

  • The majority of baths are given before bed.
    What If a bath fizzy had calming properties for an easy transition into bed time?”

The Idea

Inspired by her son’s question and her own curiosity, she arrived at an idea. Fizzy Magic a good-for-you bath fizzy that promotes magical moments between a parent and child.

5 Pillars

Fizzy Magic is grounded in 5 Pillars...

  1. Clean - free of harsh chemicals, made from pure and safe ingredients.
  2. Promotes fun in the tub with fizz, color and a surprise.
  3. Provides an opportunity to learn.
  4. Activates children’s interest to collect cool stuff.
  5. Teaches children to do good by donating to a charity.
Safe ingredients, good for your skin

To make the best possible product, mom consulted a chemist with years of experience in natural bath and cosmetic products, bath bomb production experts, and fragrance formulators.

Blind in-home product tests were conducted to assure that Fizzy Magic formulas met expectations. The Formula worked! Fizzy Magic bath fizzies were consistently preferred to competition for pure and safe ingredients, skin softening properties and pleasing scents.

Enjoy the experience of bath time & bedtime

Based on Mom’s research and input from her own children, she designed a superior product for kids to have fun in the tub.

Fizzy Magic has a strong fizz, a gentle bath water color that was formulated to not leave color residue on skin or tub, and larger than expected surprises inside.


Something new,  guess a clue, bedtime story, too


Mom believed the surprise inside could be more meaningful. She came up with an idea to combine bath time, fun and learning. Each fizzy comes with a clue so kids can guess the surprise inside.

Once the surprise appears, you can learn about the surprise with a fun fact card in every box. You can extend the experience with a digital story perfect for bath or bed time.

One or more safe, fun toys

Mom’s observations revealed kids love to collect. Lane is no exception; he loves to collect cool stuff, too.


Feel good about supporting others

Giving back is an important part of the Fizzy Magic story and brand.

Both Lane and his brother Milo were born premature and spent time in the NICU. The NICU is an emotional experience for parents, and it made us stronger with a lifetime connection to other parents with premature babies.

When you purchase Fizzy Magic, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Graham’s Foundation, a foundation dedicated to a world where no parent goes through the preemie journey alone.

Mission Statements

Purposeful Bliss creates bath and body products that do more than clean, they have a purpose. Each of our products is designed using natural and safe ingredients that stimulate the senses, spark imagination, and promote possibilities to create a purposefully blissful bathing experience.


Guess, Discover, Explore. Fizzy Magic is more than a fizzy, it adds fun to bath time by letting kids GUESS! DISCOVER & EXPLORE! Formulated using pure and safe ingredients that parents can trust, Fizzy Magic turns bath time into a magical moment between parent and child. Select a fizzy, read a clue, and try to guess what’s inside! Tub time reveals the mystery and a fun fact. Then, the magic continues with a free story where surprises come to life.