St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas – The Luck of the Irish

St. Patricks Day Bath Fizzies

Need Some LUCK? After a long pandemic and a cold winter who doesn’t need some luck? You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy Fizzy Magic’s Symbols of Luck Bath Fizzy Box Collection. We have created something better than the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the best St. Patrick’s Day Gift for Kids! We have the ultimate bath bombs with a golden surprise of having toys hidden inside. Our Fizzy Magic Bath Fizzies awaken all of the senses for fun in the tub. Our bubbling bath bombs will captivate your child with swirls of color. Made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the body – inside and out, when released in water, our bath bombs smell amazing and create a strong fizz that dissolves to reveal the bath bomb toy inside.  Your little leprechauns will love these magical bath fizzies.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the search for good luck and your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, Fizzy Magic has created The Symbols of Luck Limited Edition Box







Know someone that could use some good luck?  Need the perfect Shamrock gift for kids?

Count what is included in this box!
The 5 Fizzies plus 2 Bonus Items included all add up to the lucky number 7.

The luck continues inside the bath fizzies with all 7 fizzies containing surprises that are all symbols of luck.

The 5 Fizzes include:
1 Rainbow Colored Fizzy with a Rainbow Squishy Surprise Inside
4 Fizzies with Lucky Animal Surprises Inside: Unicorn, Horse, Pig, Turtle, Elephant, Bunny & Bear

The 2 Bonus Items: Lucky Shamrock Glasses & Penny – Face up!

Colors: Open this box to reveal a rainbow of colors: Pink, Purple, Blue, Green & Orange

Fragrances: Our scents of Pomegranate, Blueberry Coconut, Tropical Rain, Cucumber Pear & Mango Papaya are sure to make any leprechaun want to take a bath. 

Fun St. Patrick Day Family Activities:

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a family with our fun Symbols of Lucky Quiz and our Leprechaun activity on how to Catch Those Tricky Leprechauns.

Quiz: Test your Knowledge of Symbols of LUCK!
Who knows more about being Lucky?

A penny is only lucky if found…?
Take the quiz and find out.  Learn what can make you Lucky!

Build your own Leprechaun Trap (free download)

The Leprechauns are coming, and they know where the pot of gold is.  You just need to catch them to make show you where they buried it.

You need to catch those sneaky green guys.  Plan the perfect trap?

Fizzy Magic gives you the tools and inspiration you need to plan the perfect trap!

Put down all those great ideas in our Leprechaun Trap Activity.


Dedicated to the Special Bond between Parent and Child

Fizzy Magic creates magical moments between a parent and child.  We are dedicated to providing educational experiences for children where they can learn fun facts, awaken their senses with the smell, sound, and color of our fizzes, and learn while taking a bath.

Did you know that our Bath Fizzes are being used outside the tub?

Sensory Play

Our bath fizzies are being used for sensory play.  All it takes is a plastic container, a scooper/measuring cup/squirt bottle, and our fizzes to create a fun educational sensory bin.  Our learning boxes come in a variety of themes that partner right with the topics that the little ones will be learning in daycare0, preschool, and kindergarten such as safari, sea life, farm animals, dinosaurs, unicorns, and mermaids.  With our fragrant smells, vibrant colors, and fun surprises, it is easy to create unique sensory play experiences for your littles with our Learning Boxes.

Fizzy Fun with a Friend

Another fun way our bath bombs are being used outside the tub is for playdates with friends.  Kids are having races to see who will find the surprise the fastest.  Armed with a plastic container and squirt bottle is all that is needed for kids to have a fun playdate.

Free Activities

Each month we provide FREE Educational Activities for families.  Our website has a FREEBIE Page to provide your family with fun crafts, coloring sheets, activities, quizzes, and downloadable stories that bring families closer together.

Free Downloadable Stories

Go from bath time to bedtime with Fizzy Magic’s FREE downloadable short stories.  The animals revealed in their bath fizzies become the main character in these stories, designed to strengthen the bond between parents and children. The stories are written and illustrated to promote good behaviors, build collaborative relationships, and to help discover the positive aspects of our differences. From the warmth of the bathtub to snuggling up with a great story, we want to give those magical family moments to you.


Give the gift that keeps on giving for months to come with our TUB CLUB – BATH FIZZY SUBSCRIPTION.  A new themed LEARNING BOX will be delivered every month to your home. Each box contains 5 Fizzies + 1 FREE Fizzy and a BONUS Toy & Activity in each box.  You NEVER pay for shipping on your Tub Club box.  For more information about our tub club or to sign up for our monthly fun learning boxes visit,

We have so many fun educational spring and Easter activities waiting for you!

FUN, FIZZ, AND LEARN with Fizzy Magic!

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