The Inspiration Behind Fizzy Magic…Lane’s Story

Many parents are concerned about the ingredients in their children’s bath products. Mainstream use of toxic fragrances and glitter are making our children sick and parents have had enough. But what are the alternatives? Mary Westerhaus is one of those parents and she took her concern to the next level. After a tremendous amount of research and development and driven by an abundance of inspiration and heart, Mary started Purposeful Bliss and developed Fizzy Magic bath fizzies – a clean and safe product that makes bath time both magical and soothing and helps facilitate an easy bath-to-bed transition.

After many years of longing for a little one, baby Lane entered the world in February of 2012. Born at 25 weeks, he lived his first 109 days in the NICU. Between astute, loving, round-the-clock care and his feisty little spirit, Lane was finally discharged from the hospital in June of 2012. He went home healthy and strong, ready to greet the big world with an even bigger zeal. He beat the odds and to this day his story of perseverance inspires many – first and foremost his mom!

Years later, out shopping with his mom, Lane noticed some bath fizzies on a display and asked the store clerk about them.

“Do they have toys inside?…No?…Why not?”

It only takes one small stone to create many ripples.

Mary got hung up on the scenario and played it over and over in her mind. Why aren’t there toys in bath fizzies? Why do bath fizzes – something meant to make bath time fun – contain toxins that can actually harm the ones we love? What if bath time could be magical and safe? What if it could be educational and make bedtime a little easier?

Fueled by the inspiration of her persevering and inquisitive son, Lane, Mary consulted with many experts in the cosmetic industry – from chemists to fragrance formulators – to develop a healthy and safe bath fizzy product that withstands blind, in-home product tests. She learned that her product – Fizzy Magic bath fizzies – is consistently preferred over mainstream fizzies for its safe ingredients, skin-softening properties and pleasing scents.

Purposeful Bliss’ Fizzy Magic bath fizzies stand on five pillars:

  • be CLEAN
  • have FUN
  • LEARN more
  • COLLECT some

Lane’s idea came to fruition – a bath fizzy with a toy inside! And things that are important to his mom are all taken into consideration: Fizzy Magic bath fizzies are phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, synthetic fragrance-free and vegan.

Additionally, each bath fizzy comes with a clue about the animal surprise hiding inside, a fun fact and a bedtime story with that animal as its main character. Plus, your child will enjoy building a collection of miniature toy animals – great for bath or around-the-house play.

With every Fizzy Magic purchase a portion of the proceeds are donated to Graham’s Foundation – an organization that fights for premature babies.

Let our inspiration inspire your child.

Let the fun begin!

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