Best Birthday Party Favor Gift Bag For 5-Year-Olds

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Choosing safe, fun items for a takeaway gift bag at a birthday party for a 5-year-old can help make the event memorable for your child’s friends.

Selecting items for the bag likely includes one eye toward the child and the other toward the parent, and finding a birthday gift bag item that satisfies both.

FizzyMagic bath bombs will satisfy both. They provide a traditional bath bomb experience of color and scent but also includes a toy the reveals itself as the bath bomb dissolves.

Present For Bath Time In Birthday Gift Bag For 5-Year-Old

A birthday party favor that provides a fun experience for 5-year-old at bathtime is certainly a nice surprise for a parent.

Not all children look forward to bath time, and a nudge from a birthday party gift bag can’t hurt to make them excited to bathe.

Bath Bomb With Surprise Inside For Child’s Birthday

FizzyMagic provides just that fun experience with a line of individual children’s bath bombs that reveal a small toy after dissolving.

A variety of figures are embedded in our bath bombs. Each is part of a collection of themed figurine toys allowing children to collect them all.

Providing Natural Birthday Party Gift Bag Product

The individually wrapped bath bombs are made with only natural ingredients, providing a pleasing color and scent for both child and parent.

The bath bomb includes avocado and safflower oils leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. They also include scents provided by blended essential oils.

A bath time fun toy made from natural ingredients that can help get a child into the bathtub quicker is only a gift bag away, and also makes an excellent birthday gift for a 5-year-old.

You can buy the best bath bombs for kids online today!

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